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Climate Basics

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Climate Change

NCAR Studies Climate

Many NCAR researchers study climate and climate change, its affects on societies, and its prediction. A number of their research topics are listed below with links to the division web pages that describe their projects.

Visualize Climate!
Take a look at visualizations created from some of the most accurate climate models in the world! These animations show weather around the world over a year.

Climate Analysis
See how these scientists are delving into climate through projects that seek to better understand how the water cycle, monsoons, El Nino, and other factors affect the Earth system.

Climate Change Research
This team uses climate system models to study how the Earth system would respond to changes in the amounts of greenhouse gases, aerosols, solar variation, volcanic activity, land cover, and land use.

Climate Modeling
The mission of this group is to increase understanding of the atmosphere and its role in the climate system through modeling and observational studies.

Terrestrial Sciences
Scientists in the section study interactions between the land and the atmosphere by developing models and observing systems.

Climate Dynamics and Predictability
The scientific objective of this section is to understand the mechanisms and predictability of large-scale atmospheric variability on time scales of days to years.

The researchers within this section develop and maintain ocean models, sea-ice models and a coupler for studies of climate. The section plays an important role in developing, maintaining and using the Community Climate System Model (CCSM).

Biosphere Atmosphere Interactions
Learn how carbon and trace gasses are exchanged between the biosphere and atmosphere and to predict Earth system reactions to regional and global changes.

Measuring pollution in the troposphere using a NASA’s EOS Terra satellite.

This instrument surveys the upper troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere to determine temperature, the concentrations of ozone and greenhouse gasses, and the locations of high clouds.

Cloud and Surface Processes and Parameterizations
Learn about the analyses of researchers who study how cloudiness affects climate.

Research at NCAR's High Altitude Observatory
This group seeks to better understand the effects of solar variability on the Earth.

How does Climate Impact Society?

Heat Wave Awareness Project
It’s 110 degrees in the shade! Better learn more about heat waves and their impact on society.

Reducing the Impact of Environmental Emergencies Through Early Warning and Preparedness – The Case of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Climate Affairs
The ESIG group created this website to foster discussion of ideas and issues relating to the development of Climate Affairs education, training and research activities.

Climate/Crop Impacts
Find out about research projects that examine how climate variability affects agriculture.