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Beware of Wild Weather!

Dramatic weather events are natural Earth processes and occur around the world every day. Since their impact on humans and the environment can be quite extreme, it is important to know what causes these events and how people can remain safe when faced with them. However, we do not have all the answers about how and why dramatic weather events unfold as they do. Thus, researchers study these varied phenomena with a variety of techniques ranging from computer modeling to storm chasing.

Follow the links below to learn more about different types of wild weather.

Hurricanes and typhoons
The only type of severe weather event that we name individually, these are among Earth’s largest and fiercest storms. Each storm is able to, for a week or more, travel thousands of miles stirring seas, toppling trees, and leveling buildings.



Tornadoes and waterspouts
Called tornadoes over land and waterspouts over ocean, these wild weather events churn air at the fastest speeds ever recorded on Earth. While they are often short-lived, often only existing for a few minutes, the intense winds and flying debris from tornadoes can destroy everything in their path.




These storms are common in the spring and summer when there is warm air near the ground and cool air above. Small thunderstorms may only exist for an hour while large Supercell storms can last for several hours spawning tornadoes, hail, intense lightning, and flash flooding.



Waking up in the morning to find a fresh white blanket of snow coating the ground may be commonplace in many areas, occurring several times each winter, yet it remains an exciting surprise since predicting winter storms is not easy.